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Remove the Groove

For 3 improvisers and 3 TVs

Three improvisers separately recorded 30 minute long solos. Only the composer and the individual performer heard what was being played at the time. The composer then played each solo individually to another of the three improvisers and visually recorded their reactions. These reactions are on display on three screens inside the space. The sound has travelled between mediums and has now become the subtly distorted facial expressions of the three performers on the screens. The three musicians will finally pick up their instruments anew and play to the reaction videos, each one viewing the last performer in their respective chains of translations. The sound and the emotion of the original music has been filtered through another human and reinterpreted by yet another. Condensed sounds are re-expanded and musical emotions are realized via new perspectives. The possibilities may seem endless for the final performance but perhaps a distilled version of the first iteration of that music survives; some sort of sonic truth or sonic DNA has travelled through time and space, thus revealing its true essence.

Video from performance at Slide Space 123, April 2019:


Tim Russell - Drums

Jake Parker Scott - Saxophone

Marc Zollinger - Electric Guitar


Electronic Music for People & Other Objects I: Lyricism

For 3 computers and printers

3 computers listen to observers and each other, generating a feedback loop through dictation and speech AI. Video recorded at Lisser Hall, Mills College, December 2018.



For barcode reader, video and speakers with optional performance.

Einbeittir við flutninginn 🕉♻️🕉🔊🕉 #u

Barcodes become sound become video become performance through "Om-kvörnin" or the Om-Grinder. An endless arbitrary translation of commercial goods, filtered through East-Asian ideology.

Photograph taken during a performance at the UNM Festival 2017 in Reykjavík. Performers are Matthías Tryggvi Haraldsson (MS Word) and Logi Leó Gunnarsson (Drawing)

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