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Pétur Eggerts is a young composer from Reykjavík, Iceland. After an upbringing playing classical violin and later coming across a world of experimental and DIY music and art, Pétur felt a need to create his own unique form of musical composition, questioning both classical culture and new music, searching for a conceptual link between music performance and everyday life. His pieces have cross-disciplinary results and through them, Pétur researches how other materials than sound, like images, physical gestures and objects, can be used in the act of making music. Visual art, theatre and other practices blend with the music and add new dimensions, beyond sound and harmony, even becoming independent musical material. A transformation of sound through an arbitrary translation into different mediums (or vice versa) has been a focus in many, if not most pieces. Additionally, the roles of the performer and audience are investigated and augmented: the audience may influence the progression of a piece and musical performers may end up using different instruments or objects than they started out with.


Pétur graduated with a BA degree in composition from the Icelandic University of the Arts in 2018 where he studied with Einar Torfi Einarsson and Jesper Pedersen. He now studies in the MA program in composition at Mills College with prof. Zeena Parkins and Laetitia Sonami. His music has been performed in Denmark, Estonia, Iceland, the Netherlands, Sweden, UK, and USA; at the Cycle, LungA, Tut Töt Tuð and Ung Nordisk Music festivals and he has performed and worked with artists and musicians such as Bergur Thomas Anderson, Caput Ensemble, Daníel Bjarnason, David Behrmann, Eclipse Quartet, Ensemble Adapter, Gígja Jónsdóttir, Goodiepal, Hjálmar H. Ragnarsson, Lilja María Ásmundsdóttir, Matt Robidoux, MOCREP and S.L.Á.T.U.R.

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