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Fabricating sound and light

The performance installation "Krosssaumur" Took place at Mengi in Reykjavík, Iceland on August 16th 2019. The performance explores the relationship between machine sewing and musical performance and whether music can be captured in a physical object. Two performers, Lilja María Ásmundsdóttir playing her unique instrument "hulda", generating both sound and light, and Pétur Eggertsson, performing on a sewing machine created a dense, sonic and luminous atmosphere based on an aleatoric graphic score by Pétur. Both instruments would furthermore influence each others sound through electronic processing and while performing, Pétur would create a sonically informed textile sculpture. 

Length: approx. 4 hours.



One Time Only

An audience operated opera


One time only is an opera which is entirely improvised by a mixture of curated performers and anyone in the audience. By providing a framework, costumes, instruments and a set of (contradicting) rules, audience members were encouraged to take the stage and make their operatic dreams come true. The libretto could be improvised but also provided was a libretto machine, an Artificial Non-intelligence creating randomized multi-lingual lyric sheets based on librettos from well-known operas of the last 400 years. The performance took place during the LungA warm-up party at Iðnó in Reykjavík, Iceland on 27th June 2019. Above is a photo of an important scene of the opera as well as a live-stream recording of the whole ordeal. 


Electronic Music for People & Other Objects III: Post-human Karaoke

A performance of some post human karaoke at Lisser Hall, Mills College in December 2018.

MC: Pétur Eggertsson

This performance is in conjunction with the installation "Electronic Music for People and Other Objects I: Lyricism"

Using text generated by the spectators and linguistic feedback from "EMFPAOO I: Lyricsm" audience members are treated to a collective karaoke performance, featuring never before heard hit songs created by Pétur Eggerts! The audience are guided by a collaborative effort between the MC and his trusty digital assistant who are doing their best to create an unforgettable experience, where every voice is welcomed and all sounds are equal. 


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